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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The charming !990's revisited

I feel so 1990's today. It always starts like that : with D and me reminiscing about the good old days when dysfunction was just a figure of speech ,when life unfolded bit by bit and so did the journal entires.
With its feet held firmly on the ground, nothing about the 1990's was too fast or too complicated or too confounding.
Since I grew up in the 1990's, the nostalgia is bound to creep in. I mean the social scene might have been broken and scarred but TV was such a delight and PC's were coming to light. And yes I was a fan of rhyming poetry back then, now it just seems to much work. So I just took the time and patience to note down the things about the 1990's that I really miss.
Note that this list is not even close to being exhaustive due me staying way past up my bed time, and the fact that I would be ridiculous enough to declare it on my widely unread blog just goes out to prove it.

Nothing on TV right now matches up to what we had in the 1990's Not even the humour, not even close. So Stephanie Meyer decides to write a cheap ass version of Buffy, but really cute vampires were in vogue even back then (James Marsters aka Spike and Juliet Landou aka Drusilla) And before Bridget Jones was even conceptualised or was any such messed up woman who couldn't keep track of her life, who could turn the tables around or upside down..or simply throw them out of the window..there was ofcourse Ally. Ally Mcbeal. I also loved loved loved Caroline in the city. Ever since then I've known what I'd turn out to be, I knew I'd keep a cat and scoff at her whenever my life was a mess..and she'd look at me with those olive eyes that said : Get a life.
      Britney Spears : when she was sane. Whoever thought she would turn out to be such a wreck.
      Backstreet Boys back then when they were too cute to be so freaking gay
      Picnic : What ass decided to stop manufacturing these? They were brilliant. I could have these for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then again for a mid night snack. I think they were taken off the shelves to save me from boredom and them from being sidelined.
        Chic chich chich chich Chiclets : Everything about the way they sounded and the way they clicked was so fantabulous. It was like a must have at some point of time for no lame rhyme or reason
        Doom : IDDQD, IDKFA. Yes I still remember those cheat codes, the former being the one for GOD MODE and the latter for unlimited ammunition. Those huge wobbly pink monsters shaped into a somewhat magnified version of the human brain, arms and feet sticking out and the bloodied teeth ready to tear you apart. Yes games were easy back then and there was absolutely no shame in using them cheats.

            WWF : There was adrenaline in the air. Dreams are seriously made of some spunky stuff when you are just about 5'2 and ever ready to kick some good ass. The WWF as the old name went was at its meanest best ever, when brains were as good as brawns drunk on beer and steroids and skimpy clad crazy women rocked the rings as well. Present day WWE is quite a drag. Or perhaps I just grew up.
            Baywatch : For once it was boobs with a purpose. I mean before this life guards didn't even matter. Imagine picking up something as insignificant as that and turning it around into a sensationally sexy experience...CPR was redefined, so were the beaches and so was the colour red and the very noble profession of saving lives. Hats off to the makers of Baywatch.

            • So with this so this quirky post (minus my melancholic self) I'd want to wrap up my thoughts by saying  that I terribly miss the 1990's and you would always always miss what isn't here than what is here even though what is here might or might not be better than what isn't here and what was here a while ago.

              Sunday, March 6, 2011

              The trouble with thoughts

              That's me. I step under the shower after a hectic day letting the droplets of water dissolve onto my skin while I trace out my life on those sepia tiles. Back. Forth. Right. Left. Turnaround. Never stop going left. Until you smash into a tragic dead end.

              The trouble with thoughts. They keep coming back.

              A moment

              There is this moment, after I wake up and before I am fully awake.. this fuzzy little moment, dazed by the mere possibility of reality. That moment when I can't figure it out. Who? How? Why? Where? When?
              Those breathing possibilities of me being anywhere and everywhere.
              It is this fleeting moment that I wake up to everyday.