Caution : What you could come across in the process.

Insignificant references to my life, an abstract and distracted thought sequel, monotony, inconsistency, vague vague perception, whorish intellectualism, feminist bullshit, armchair activism, causes I try to relate to, sharp sarcasm, even sharper criticism, frivolous details.

Nonetheless Happy Reading.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The things we don't care about anymore...

A broken coffee mug, a dead plant, shoelaces, the dripping tap, the actors who aren't in the  lead, the guy you dumped, the girl you dumped, failures, dead people, withered flowers, an ordinary day, a cold cup of tea, bills, unpainted walls, incomplete sketches, bad books bad movies,Angola, Cambodia, blunt pencils, pens that do not write, used up notebooks, the beggar on the street, the girl with a razor blade in her pocket, the old woman crouched at the corner, an unnamed painting, an unwashed pair of socks, torn clothes, dead animals, clouds in the sky, the summer sun, dreams when you can't sleep, water when your already dry, the 'ifs' and the 'buts' and the 'maybes', the underdogs, the least probables, the loners, worn out clothes, read mails, bitter hope, God - when you lose the one person you love, Love - when you lose the one person you love, money when your fucking rich, people you haven't spoken to in years, the girl you shared lunch with, cracked mirrors, a T shirt you hate, a tiny beetle on the floor, food that hasn't been eaten for weeks, bread with mould, clocks that stopped working, clear endless sky, details when you fucking tired, the crow, cartoons when your 40, caring when you've lost everything, a single piece of crayon, a used up piece of chalk, fantasy, rainbows and a piece of your mind.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The year I turned Feminist...

Happy New Year folks.
I've been looking forward to the new year for a long time.I guess I just wanted to leave a few things behind.I'm excited about the new year,I drafted out a shady sketch of what my resolutions looked like over a pork pepperoni pizza (my last chance at outrageous junk food before I make my resolutions stick) Rosh had his fill of those weary garlic breadsticks.

2009 had its own high's and low's.
I took the year off to decide what I had to do, but by the end of the year I realized that you never take 'time out' to put your life into place.You just move on graciously or not so graciously.
I also realized that 'the fun stuff' is not really where my head is at the moment, because right now my head just wants to bang against a wall to prove a point.A god darn important fucking point.(read : does NOT imply self mutilation.)
I think I should let it do that.For all you know I might crack it open and have some sense flow out of me.

The year end leaves me lost as always and tells me I have a lot to do, without really emphasizing on the conspicuous details.

Realizations : 
Even dumbwits have excuses, but a pessimist has none.A pessimist is single handedly the worst person you could be.
Keep your eyes on the prize.
Summer love is like summer and short.
It kills to be different, kills every part of you.And I have died every one bit.
Its never too late to start over.
People who do not judge you in the truest sense of the word are a rarity.
If people could keep me on the tips of my toes, so could work.

Happy New Year.
(Resolution number 7 : Write regularly,write a bit every day,write in wind,storm,rain and sun,write when happy and when sad.)