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Insignificant references to my life, an abstract and distracted thought sequel, monotony, inconsistency, vague vague perception, whorish intellectualism, feminist bullshit, armchair activism, causes I try to relate to, sharp sarcasm, even sharper criticism, frivolous details.

Nonetheless Happy Reading.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The things we don't care about anymore...

A broken coffee mug, a dead plant, shoelaces, the dripping tap, the actors who aren't in the  lead, the guy you dumped, the girl you dumped, failures, dead people, withered flowers, an ordinary day, a cold cup of tea, bills, unpainted walls, incomplete sketches, bad books bad movies,Angola, Cambodia, blunt pencils, pens that do not write, used up notebooks, the beggar on the street, the girl with a razor blade in her pocket, the old woman crouched at the corner, an unnamed painting, an unwashed pair of socks, torn clothes, dead animals, clouds in the sky, the summer sun, dreams when you can't sleep, water when your already dry, the 'ifs' and the 'buts' and the 'maybes', the underdogs, the least probables, the loners, worn out clothes, read mails, bitter hope, God - when you lose the one person you love, Love - when you lose the one person you love, money when your fucking rich, people you haven't spoken to in years, the girl you shared lunch with, cracked mirrors, a T shirt you hate, a tiny beetle on the floor, food that hasn't been eaten for weeks, bread with mould, clocks that stopped working, clear endless sky, details when you fucking tired, the crow, cartoons when your 40, caring when you've lost everything, a single piece of crayon, a used up piece of chalk, fantasy, rainbows and a piece of your mind.

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