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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is it just me or are we getting louder?

I think its just me then. I haven't been particularly television friendly for over two years now. I cannot be hushed into believing everything's the same.

I couldn't sit through Rahul Kanwal interviewing Mani Shankar (With Mani Shankar throwing his Let me speak, let me finish, I am asking you Mr Rahul Kanwal on national television to LET ME SPEAK much too often, you sort of tend to loose track of the discussion)
I couldn't sit through Arnab Goswami interviewing five people at a time either. It was impossible to make sense of it, it had to be considering one of the five people being interviewed was Renuka Choudhary. 
Of all the things I can bear (many among them being bad food, humming mosquitoes, rap music, pretentious social retards and mounting societal pressure) - the one thing I can't bear is Renuka Choudhary ranting on my television screen - it is redefining 'blown out of proportion.' 
And if Renuka Choudhary proclaims herself- a feminist then I would go back to being an inconspicuous bore. I would. 

I don't blame us for getting louder though, how long are we going to be buttoned up for? We have moved from a nation of dirty politics to desperate politics and it just keeps getting worse.
Now that worries me.  

Now I know what you'd tell'd tell me that I have a flip a damn channel and save you the trouble of reading this post or probably you'd be nice enough to tell me to flip the damn channel to save myself the trouble of going through that drudgery. 
But somehow reading Kafka on days when you have nothing to do oddly dilutes your entire perspective on things. 

But 20 minutes of yelling and bawling was all it took for me to give up on my Kafkaesque approach towards life. 
So I just switched over to Bree (from desperate housewives) making the perfect watercress sandwiches, pushing aside a strand of lovely red hair from her botoxed forehead (I love you Bree, you know that) keeping up with her dangerously yet unfailingly perfect demeanor. 

I also think we should have more of Karan Thapar and his deadpan wit, gagging his guests to speechlessness. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The unbecoming of a Hero

I’ll miss these dog day afternoons. If you walked into my room you wouldn’t call the bed a bed, the chair a chair, the table a table and the room a room. And while you stood in the centre of this mess wondering how wrong it could all get, I ‘d sneak out the door into the blazing heat.
This is as good as it gets. This post like every other dog day afternoon is pretty pointless.

It started with greatness, however it didn’t really end that way.
Greatness is outdated for now and so is righteousness. If you were to look around you the bigwigs, the heroes, the somebody's are all falling out of place. Greatness is- sprawled under a microscope, being dissected until disintegrated into utter meaninglessness not to mention stifled, having cracked under pressure. 
That is greatness for you, barely any takers.

And Righteousness? Antique literature we pride ourselves with. If you are looking for antique, you’d rather a bottle of Chateau Cheval Blanc.
We are the wicked era of the underdogs, the nobody's, the dark horses, the down and under's..

Being famous, meanwhile is like being intoxicated. You are doomed to think that the guy who has it all has a dozen women up his sleeve while he sips on some dry martini. The guy who has it all was in his dorm room honey, while you were thinking otherwise building to break what there was and what just wasn’t enough..

I don’t think stilettos and pouty plum lips are answers to infamy.. I doubt politics in all its essentiality, is just another dirty word.
After all, I think there is a limited amount of damage we’ve been allowed to cause as citizens of this planet. It is our choosing and I only wish you the best by hoping that you wouldn’t wish someday that you should have chosen differently.

So there, politics is as much as a pre requisite to stay out of trouble as it is for getting into it. So if you have to get down and dirty you might as well like the whole getting down and dirty.
The other day I read an article in the Harvard Business Review that says ‘How not being nice is turning out to be more important that we thought’
It’s not the whole slipping away into augmented reality that bothers me, it’s the fancy imagination that comes with it.

Just like in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘What the Dog saw’ it’s not what the dog thought he saw, but what the dog saw.