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Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is fierce.

Fierce looks old now.Fierce feels old too..he has lived long for sure.His hair have grown coarse,rough and stringent.Fierce is a forgotten soul.He was rediscovered recently after ages of hiding underneath pillows and being tucked under mattresses.However what seemed like neglect was actually the most sly form of escapism ever witnessed.Fierce faces the world again today with undeniable courage and is not really liked by many.Fierce has lost his teddy bear charm and has become a ragged sorts.It looks like he's twisted a neck and he can't hold his head still for more than a second and a half.Fierce doesn't desire any form of even the remotest sympathy."I've had enough of it," sometimes I can hear him say.
Fierce's past is a distant memory.Fierce won't even show the slightest hint of nostalgia in his worn out eyes that pop out of his face like black metal beads.What matters is Fierce has survived being suffocated and abandoned.Fierce is the hero who not many know about.
Fierce is a not so dearly loved or heard of hero.Fierce is still the most content soul I've ever come across.
--- signed tree hugging hippie.

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