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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Nuclear Aftermath

I try to sound poetic today
as I go about my routine chores
Right from the time I wake up
From that moment thereafter
A few split seconds I spend
Just lying in bed
Figuring out my life
Clouds falling from the sky
My memory failing me
These corners have gone blind
I lie in my bed and count polonium orbs
Twenty three and then I stop
My wife is fast asleep
Dreaming of the perfect breakfast
Breathing gently, her fingers outstretched
Like she was just matter-of-factly denied
The one thing she had yearned for all her enitre life

It stopped snowing awhile ago
This is no ordinary snow
Faint patches of sunlight
Uncover the earth
I picture my son in his uniform
And oxygen mask
Then glance at the newspaper
And read words that rhyme.

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