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Nonetheless Happy Reading.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here's a good one..

Death is a door knob made of flesh

Death is that angelic farm girl gored by the bull
on her way home,crossing the pasture
for a shortcut
In the seventh grade she
couldn't read or write
she wasn't a virgin
she was 'simple minded' we all said
It was May - a time of lilacs and shooting stars
She's lived in my memory for sixty years

___Jim Harrison.


Sudar said...

death, reminds me of the trial - Kafka. The gore... aah worsht pain.
and in the story, the worst part is all this happens on his b'day. :O shit... dude... weird. ;)

tasha said...

why did you give it away?!!
i was keen on reading it..i got it recently..
fuck you

tasha said...

love you all the same though..:)

Sudar said...

watever man ...

Sudar said...

besides.. i didnt give anything away... u'll see it for urself if u ever read the book... cheer up.