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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wishlist 2009

1. A job
2. Alias Grace (Atwood)
3. Cat's eye (Atwood)
4. Oolong tea bags
5. Hope
6. Playtex tampons
7. Non myopic eyesight
8. True love
9. A pet goat
10. Hope
11. A yoga mat (fuchsia maybe)
12. A new hobby (photography maybe)
13. Bag pack adventures
14. Hope


rishi said...

you'll get everything u want n need....zaraa zindagi se maang ke toh dekho ;) you baby

rishi said...

u'r gonna love photogrphy and the bag pack....rather than getting a job love ur life...ur life has been writing ur writings are more like songs when i read it.... thats the greatest job you can do to make yourself happy keep up with it godspeed and good health ;)