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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My room..

I had been to this seminar once,something on stimulating creativity.It was conducted by a Brit with a cast on her left leg.She never really talked about practical solutions.I personally am of the opinion that scribbling crap on a blank sheet with crayons is not the way to overcoming a creative block.Nor is singing an African hymn at the top of your voice.Love the crayons though, and the blank sheets.Anyway it was the self help shit that jobless people retort to...or people who can't get enough of their social lives.
There was this exercise which asked of you to describe your ideal room.
At that point I couldn't think of much.Except that I wanted a French window that would enable me to see the sunset and the sunrise.
Its lately that I have been thinking of my ideal room,in my ideal apartment right after I find an ideal job and move on with my ideal life and for all of that I'd have to get into an ideal B school which doesn't seem so ideal after all considering the fact that I have an exam two hours from now and here I am at the mise en scène of a brand new post that would be on my blog shortly without being rejected.
So then I started thinking about my ideal room.(I should stop watching Lev's life on youtube.)
I think it should be something like this:
The walls would need a Jackson Pollock feel, because every time you just look at them you would realize that art is  the only thing that won't die and that its okay to make mistakes or be messy because at times something beautiful surfaces beneath all the muck.

I would like to have a coffee machine and a popcorn machine too (I got the latter piece of idea from Rosh)
I'd have a few of those modernistic vases in my room,the shapes of which you can never fathom.They would be empty and bear no traces of flowers maybe a few quality ferns that I'd pick out with care.
My bed would be a little bigger than a single bed to accommodate company for a night only and not perpetually.
No photographs,no memories.
Lots of post-its and deadline dates.
French windows,large and wide,so that the room is lit up whenever I draw the curtains.Don't tell my mom that she'd lecture me on how easily someone could smash it and how I'd be found dead the next day.Anyway getting back to the windows..they should be big enough for me to jump off from if life gets smothered under rock bottom.
I am not a chandelier person lets keep those for the high profile snobs,instead I'd like those tiny weeny lights all through out the room,some on the floor even.
A writing desk is an absolute must.Flooded with stationery of all types: papers,pens,pencils and colours and markers and everything else.Ample leg space so that I can sit writing at my desk for hours together.
That's it I guess.A closet and a rug would complete the deal.
That's my room.
My ideal room.
That I wish to have, right after other ideal things.

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dream sublime said...

hahaha i know you soooo well...regardless how unpredictable u think...i saw the same thing in a mag a girl with messy pin up board...had curls in her hair n was painting the toe nails in black i was thinkin of that you might like it...n the picture was titled as CREATIVE OUTBURST dont remember the name of the mag though
its funny most of the times whatever i think sooner or later its on your blog...not all of it but most of it
like the Vitruvian Man,Tiger tiger,Expression,autumn waiting ,coloured pages and the road,Ikebena, your wishlist

i dont know how am i connected to you or your blog but surely is mystically beautiful...cant help it