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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger tiger burning bright..

Flawed perfectionism is enticing isn't it? Wouldn't you want to wake up to a morning with the certainity that even the best,smartest,brightest,most skilful folk screw up (as very loosely put)?
Perhaps not very significantly but they do nonetheless.
One mistake and your tumbling down that infamous disastrous street of ruin.We all have a ruinous aspect to our lives which consist of not so favourable qualities.Accepting them is as hard as denying them.
Tiger Woods you are human.So are you Andre Agassi..and you too Martha Stewart.
Whats worse we are too.
Here's a classic Atwood quote:
'While impure thoughts may make you burn in hell for all eternity once you die here in life, what gets you baked and fried is your inablity to act on them.'
So basically are we wasting time on deciding the pros and cons of morally correct behaviour or are we just living it up and drinking it down?
So this is what I try to do sometimes.
I try to be a good customer (I always keep exact change)
I try to be a good friend (I call you up every now and then)
I try to be a good room mate (I slowly tip toe out of the room to do my work when you are sleep)
And when that doesn't work I say, 'To hell with you..'
And I read,I write,I drink,I eat,I work,I shop,I smoke and not give a damn..if I appear pathetic,desperate or uptight.I mean who cares anyway right?


dream sublime said...

you at sometimes is always me...minus the smoke and the drink now...and of course the anger

tasha said...

Anger? my god that's a wild allegation..

dream sublime said...

talking about anger of my own without accusing you

Cody said...

Tiger Woods life is already tumulus.

tasha said...

and it would be a shame if he made an exceptional comeback? would it cody?