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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Death of freedom of expression

Art was supposed to have no boundaries, it was to flourish and redefine all forms of dogma and belief. Only it wasn't to be.. not in this country at least. I was thoroughly convinced of it today when reports of the legendary M F Hussain (who currently is residing out of the country on account of a self imposed exile courtesy the shiv sainik's and bajrangdal activists) was conferred upon with an honorary citizenship by the Qatari royal family where he is currently residing. His critics might slam him for doing so but what was he to do when in actuality he was driven out of his own country? I am glad that the Indian government has been embarrassed left, right and centre. But what about those who created the problem in the first place? They haven't ended their baseless rampage against whosoever and whatsoever.
Hurting religious sentiments in the form of art is violently reprimanded; destruction of public and private property is however shamelessly authorized in the name of some banal protests.
The great Indian malaise when it comes to nudist portrayal of art and sexuality alike is appalling. What are we so repelled by anyway? Shouldn't corrupt thought process and bothersome narrow mindedness repel us a thousandfold more?
What are you beneath your clothes after all if not nude and why do you find it so terribly disturbing? And why is the sexuality debate still locked up behind closets and heavily bolted doors? Surely the second largest populated country cannot be a stranger to sex and the blessings to follow thereafter - why not start talking about it? Why is heartfelt conversation about anything buried six feet under?
It isn't just about art, even authors have been vandalized for putting forth supposedly disagreeable notions regarding 'sensitive issues.' And at the time of crises when they are being ambushed by certain caustic sections of the society they are promised everything apart from security and support - by a country that caters to a picture perfect constitution and prides itself with being secular and democratic and ahemm..FREE.
What is freedom ?  
And are we really free?
I think we should start asking ourselves.

 How exactly is the above derogatory? What do you have to say about the one below?
Freedom is a choice we make every minute of the day. Speak up before its too late. You are questionable to your country, the people around you and to humanity.