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Friday, February 12, 2010


Group discussion sessions are fun, not that I am expecting any fancy calls from fancy B schools - I just go there to have fun. Something I haven't done in quite a while - place my point across a table and walk off very elegantly. Well it could be disappointing as well especially when nobody's buying my point. After one such disappointing session I decided to withdraw from the next one.
I always make it a point to put down whatever I have to includes quality adjectives - those that serve as the perfect accessories. I like it that way.
A 'tiger' was a person who dominates the group discussion - ie bites flesh off verbally. One such tiger sat down next to me. He glanced at my note pad and his face broke out into a nasty grin.
'Interesting...' he said teasingly 'but nobody ever listens to you, I mean I am being frank here -- your flamboyance and elegance or whatever you call it is pretty much unnoticed'

I grew queasy. I felt like I had been transported back to school - unnoticed and invisible all over again.
'You know I am right..' he whispered again.
I spent the next few minutes preaching about how frankness was not always appreciated in a civil society.
After which there was absolute silence.
'You scare me,' he mumbled.
'I what?'
'I could fight off any tiger who got under my skin, but you.... you I don't know, you scare me ..I don't think I would be able to fight you off'
I sat there still and momentarily stunned.
Our counsellor went on elucidating on the avoidable concept of spotting a tiger and dealing with one.
You can either be a tiger and bask in the privilege of being one..or you can't.
Not all of you are tigers.
All of you can't be tigers.
Out of the blue he looked my way.
'I wish you knew you were potentially capable of handling a tiger - you very much are. I'll tell you one thing - your a snake - you can tell a tiger to shut his trash and back off.'

Was I to be embarrassed? Or bask in the glory of being a snake? Or not give it a second thought?
I quite liked the title of snake though.
'See I told you..' he whispered. 

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