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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why would anybody want to let go?

 6.15 pm and the sky is a beautiful little thing. Flaming crimson with a touch of cherry pink.

Let go you’d say. Just let go and sit back and let things shape up into what they were supposed to. But I was never the one to let go was I? I’d carry it with me everywhere…in my bags, in my shoes, in my cup of coffee and in my mind until it would become a part of me. 

It’s funny because I thought I saw you grin yet again and watch my plight behind bright blue curtains, sensing a spot of red in my bright blue world, the one that began to smudge, the one that wouldn’t stop. 

I am a lost cause, I make no qualms about it. .I don't need your reality to come to terms with mine.

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