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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Shoes Don't Fit Anymore

24. That time of your life when you ask yourself : What's another bad joke? What's another lousy try? 
24. When you are much 'funner' when you are more 'drunker' 
24. When the only thing that could cheer you up in the morning is the coffee machine whining
24. A time when the best of us fell apart
24. When words like 'xenophobic' and 'questionable' and 'pussyfooted' and 'tumbleweed' and 'moral policing' start making sense
24. When ramming into a glass door would technically be the only thing that happened to you all day
24. When one of your bags is always packed. You never know
24. When you succumb to the realization that there are other ways to forget than banging your head against the wall
24. When the law of inverse goodness holds true (something is so bad that it is actually good)
24. When you have dinner with an asshole, because despite the fact that he is an asshole he has something important to say
24. Words. They don't impress you anymore
24. You now know why Alice had to keep running to stay in the same place
24. Affirm. "Just because I haven't, doesn't mean I'm not."
                 "Just because I'm not, doesn't mean I haven't."
24.The shoebox. That's where your secrets lie. Not smothered under your chest. 
24. When the smell of rain did it for you. Saved your day 
24. When you still want to grow up to be a cultural evangelist
24. When sketchy details is all you have
24. You really thought I'd come up with 24 of these? 
Boy I'm glad I grew up. 

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