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Monday, September 3, 2012

Painted love.

When you ask a man, “How can you sleep at night?” He, in all probability does sleep at night. Nothing wakes him up – not the sound of thunder or the prick of guilt. I knew a man like that. I knew him over and over.

It’s easy, I ask you to name things that sell. You name them like children, little boys and girls waiting for the last bus home.

Sex, violins, drugs, paperback versions of the book that changed your life, corporate services, an engagement ring, dry martinis, apple cinnamon martinis, Bono, love toys, broken boys, ideas that changed the world, wigs, chemicals, facebook, crude oil, research reports, mutual funds, communism.
Paper jewellry, playstations, cardamom pie, a knife box, olive oil..


You tell yourself you would leave, when needed the most. You'd be gone on a train to nowhere at the crack of dawn before the faint patches of sunlight gather enough courage to lift up the sky.

But you're never gone really. You stand right there at the kitchen sink, looking outside a window when the faint patches of sunlight begin to show.  

21St century romanticism –the fashion accessory we could all do without

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AK Unplugged said...

I could almost see a movie in my head when i read this piece.. Well written. I like your style.
Getting to the meaning of it all, when you say, "21St century romanticism –the fashion accessory we could all do without" - it kinda leaves one confused. Not because the sarcasm in the tone can't be picked, but because along with sarcasm, i guess i also picked up on a confession of defeat. Defeat in the pursuit - as if you're trying to say, u've had enough - No more! is it like that? :P - Was a good read!