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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Among the things I love..

As random as you can be.

  • I love the excitement of dawn creeping over you when you haven't slept
  • I love strong,undiluted wicked coffee
  • I love green herbal tea with a dash of lemon and honey
  • I love reading in bed
  • I love sunsets
  • I love moments of silence
  • I love the treasured hope of meeting someone fabulously new
  • I love sunlight falling on things kept on a table as if shedding light on them very mysteriously
  • I love colored pages
  • I love sharpened pencils ready to tear through a page
  • I love pretending to be asleep on a lazy afternoon all the while listening to my maid's bangles go ssss sssss ssss
  • Eco friendly grafitti

Among the things I don't

# Inconspicuous memories......and the path I walk everyday.
# My 'will you write me a eulogy plea' that has driven many a decent folk away.


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