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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ignominies of a different kind..

The air won't stir, not even a bit.I usually 'sit it out' in the evenings, cloud watching being my only respite from my derailed train of thought that I've come to mistrust and regard with much contempt.

The fetor of the sticky air is very suffocating today, the picturesque beauty of it is  unmatched though.

'What part of you is so oblivious to climate change?' I mutter as I pass by a shop selling the usual toxic stash that is supposed to light up this diwali.
Not one soul have I seen, folding his hands up across his chest,face held back in a grimace staring away into an ocean of horizon and calamity and thinking out loud- Is it just me or is it really getting hotter every year?
No I haven't seen anyone like that.
And those that I have known hide behind clouds of discontent.You can't see much beyond clouds of discontent.I've been there myself.

'Up on the roof' is the song of the moment.It suits the mood,not so much the atmosphere,but the place,position and location perfectly.Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King (The Drifters) it was quite a sensation in the 1960's.
At the moment my roof is an agreeable place to be.Recently cultivated, it accomodates a chair that belonged to my great grandfather,a table with a nice chequered cloth over it (which obviously needs to be washed every now and then owing to bird shit..) but otherwise I think its a perfect place to pour your heart out.
Despite the floundering palms surrounding the roof I took an additional effort to place a potted green Singonium at one corner.

My neighbour's house is clothed in irritatingly bright lights.The ones that leave you dazed after a while.He lights up a match and ka boom go the fire crackers..the ones that won't let me sleep tonight and the night after.The ones that use up most of my paracetemols.

Bizz..Zoink..Darkness descends.
The lights just went out.But what do you need lights for when a million people are lighting up the skies and streets?
The glitterati surrounding the house next door has assured me a safe descent down the stairs.No I won't break a leg or stumble down..I would just be up for most of the night amidst the glaring lights.

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