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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The chronicles of flower arrangement..

Wikepedia defines Ikebena (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) as a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together.I call it an obsessive compulsive maniac's preoccupation with conquering the world.
For once I can't stop prattling about 'the wretch' who just happens to be the mainstay of my recent posts.See there is something super fascinating about old age.It surpasses Alzheimer's,cancer,Parkinson's delightfully and subsides into a realm of its own.
(Parkinson's..that reminds me..I always joke about how I think I have Parkinson's because my hands tremble a lot and my recent stint at cracking this joke in front of the wrong people turned out to be nothing short of a self initiated went something like this: The guy I told this to actually thought I had Parkinson's,he didn't know what Parkinson's was,the combination of inbred paranoia and smoke made me believe I had parkinson's,so when I finally left the bistro I was more concerned about having Parkinson's than than my recent faux pas pertaining to words and sarcasm alike and waste of boisterous wit that would haunt me for quite sometime.)

So anyway "The right one's," she always says.They all look the same to me.They are flowers for heaven's sake.They consist of a stalk,peduncle,calyx and brightly coloured corolla and they die within a day or two..except lilies she once told me..they could live up to two weeks if rightly looked after.Her flowers are always rightly looked after.

"A rebel like yourself would never understand the gifts nature has to offer."
True and not.
Flowers are essentially feminine they say and I have never been able to figure out why.
D buys flowers for herself.I find that atrocious.But that's okay I guess, people would find buying unnecessary stationery for oneself equally atrocious.

Another aspect of Ikebena is that it employs minimalism.Minimalistic art I adore but minimalistic flower arrangement I cannot comprehend.Plus her arrangements are plentiful and over the top so I am guessing what she follows isn't Ikebena anyway.Maybe this is a peculiar style of flower arrangement invented by her embodying her own theories and thoughts.

"The darker one's go at the bottom and the lighter one's at the top."
Because the darker ones are symbolic of the earth,ground and soil.They form a base, a stronghold- perched on these are the lighter one's they become progressively lighter towards the top symbolic of the air..the zephyr.
Very symbolic of the world we live in don't you think?
No..I do not.
What about the leaves..?
The leaves can go anywhere.Top,bottom,in between,at the periphery..

One hot afternoon (when the heat seeped through your skin like an invisible toxin) I sat at my desk staring at a blank paper for quite sometime.I must have been 14.
I scribbled some utter random stuff and neatly folded the paper and slipped it into a drawer and completely forgot about it.When I came upon it years later it went like this..

I am the kind of girl who loves circles more than squares and leaves more than flowers .....

My heart skipped a beat when she said that 'the leaves' could fit anywhere - like they didn't have a place or a say or the glam of a flower.Yes, their essential quality was ruthlessly overshadowed by the fabulous flower.
Ask me again why I never liked a flower..because I was always a leaf.

Another thing.Did I ever tell you? The house has six mirrors.
One two three four five six.Six mirrors.
And sometimes I catch a glimpse of her staring into one of them just as she is going about her day.That is when she temporarily halts and looks at herself for an unnecessarily long period of time...and that's when I know we are both tragedies in the making.

A wilted flower lying on the newspaper babbling about global warming and the financial meltdown at a table beside the window that eyes a glorious sunset.Now that's art..and yet you miss it.


dream sublime said...

beautifulest of all your writings....nothing to argue about in this snippet...i surrendered already the day i loved you unconditionally ;) your writings the most...forever lost
...i wish kiss wasn't the word

Dyuti Mishra said...

What a thrill, what a shock, to be alive on a morning in June, prosperous, almost scandalously privileged, with a simple errand to run.
-Clarissa reflecting on the day as she walks to the flower shop
The Hours, Michael Cunningham