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Sunday, November 8, 2009


  • Old man getting off the bus : Health is not the only thing that could fail you.
  • A girl painting her nails : Here's to the quality of women we cherish
  • The beggar at the side walk : Society successfully floats over the system of the dammed
  • Man going back home after a nightshift : Home is my much needed fuel right now
  • Girl walking home alone after school : I am not old enough to run away either..
  • A boy who has been subjected to unruly bullying : Because I know what its like to not want to wake up on a bright sunny cheerful morning.
  • Wife craving for attention : So there I was hanging on to a delicate thread of his affection
  • Girl looking into the mirror : Here I was 20 and a half knowing exactly how I'd feel like when I'd be 40.
  • Boy staring at the smartest kid in class : He knows of a high,has he ever known of a low? Ever thought of what if it wouldn't go?
  • Anoerexic : Not a way to die


dream sublime said...

lol....4,6 and 9 so typical for me to feel...thoughtful

tanushreeb said...

Very succinctly put!