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Friday, November 6, 2009

I am your oldest scar..

I am your oldest scar
I am the one they stare at when 
they look at you
and I am the one they see
when they don't see you
I have maneuvered the details
of my place and being
ever since you questioned my existence

I am your oldest scar
I would be the last to leave
I have known a thing or two
about falling,opening up,bleeding and healing

I am made of broken things yet
I have been resilient and undemanding
I expect you to forgive my existence
I am afterall your very own

I am not pretentious nor am I superficial
My roots dig deeper than you think they might
I will show on naked skin and
in unfurnished houses

Only remember this precious
Your tears are my own
your pain is mine as well
I am your oldest scar
I burn when you do. 

1 comment:

dream sublime said...

Oh my beloved
when can i see you :)