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Sunday, November 8, 2009


I suffer from obsessive usage of first person..Its high time I thought, I make a sincere effort to curb this disorderly conduct which is begining to seem very unwriterly (unwriterly? sheesh)
As writers we tend to dwell on very unlikely subjects.The weirder the better we think.What we don't realize is that it is an important process of our own becoming,..that Gulliver was one sixth of Jonathan Swift and the rest was imagination or something that was a reflection of a real life adventure.
So this is how the story goes..
I find a subject.I dwell on the subject.I let go off my subject and initiate the process of my own becoming.
But around this time I decided, enough about myself.The little bright spotlight that I cast upon myself had turned sour.I am tired of knowing what I think,of what I do and what I do not.
So I will talk about him and his thoughts.
He would be the subject.The surgeon has a corpse,the biologist- a frog,the lawyer- a case,the gardener- flowers,a carpenter- tools.
I would have him.But not essentially - just as the surgeon doesn't essentially have a corpse and the biologist essentially doesn't have a frog and gardeners may come without flowers and carpenters without tools.Quite a possiblity.
Here is when I now say that I don't know much about men.But I do know when they are not coming back.It has something to do with the way they walk.This is what they call gifted and stupid.
21 years is a decent period of time to make up your mind.