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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are we leapfrogging from being ‘Homo hatists’ to ‘Homo Phobists’ to finally having settled for ‘Homo sadists’?

So yes, I might have to stay back to watch the weather grow from awful to wretched
And just as I was contemplating whether the consequences of not giving up were worse than the consequences of laughing it all off in my face, I decided nevertheless that all this angst could be organized counter productively.

Hence the writing spree, hence Will Self, hence the vitamin pills, hence insomnia, hence cough syrup, hence the cleaning spree, hence George fucking Orwell.

To start off, all this talk about sexual liberation gets me barking mad. Were we ever sexually liberated? And if we ever did manage to bring sex out of the bedroom why couldn’t we get around to bringing ‘being gay’ out of the closet.?

I’ve wanted to write about this, ever since I got back from a friend’s place about a month ago, when having woken up hung over (amidst people I don’t remember talking to the day before) I found myself in the middle of the most ridiculous conversation ever. Here are smart, well to do youngsters, armed with a rare ingenuity up their sleeve (IIM certified if I must add) who could not and would not respect the fact that they should just let people be sometimes.
 I’ve wanted to write about this post every awkward moment that left me scrambling for words. I’ve wanted to write about this every time I’ve blasted myself for being buttoned up about it. Trust me I did.

Mischaracterized and misunderstood, the third gender, the sexual minority (to sound more politically correct if I may)
Slapped left, right and centre with miscellaneous biological and behavioral perspectives.
Why couldn’t we, for the love of God, just let them be?

For those of you who don’t know (I discovered a few who didn’t today)
Balbir Krishan, a gay artist was brutally assaulted at his own exhibition somewhere around in January. The theme of the exhibition was centered on homosexuality (no surprises there)

There are however three things that leave me ‘ogling’ with fury.
1.   The attack was directed at him because he was gay (I mean come on, haven’t we blown this issue out of proportion already? Haven’t we made them suffer enough by abnormalizing them?)
2. The attack was directed at his art, a form of expression. and Art is really not answerable to anybody (underline)
3. The attack was directed at an amputee, who had lost both his legs in an accident in 1996 (even a low lying lunatic wouldn’t justify something like that)

Enough said.
 I love my friends.. Trust me at times I wish I could do more than tell my friends how much I love them and how proud I am of them for being who they are and not what others want them to be. 

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