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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The great social burnout.

As a child I was blessed with an ingenious capability to play by myself for hours at an end and then I grew up. Being with myself wasn't cool anymore.

Self sufficiency was dead as we knew it and playing by the rules of self sufficiency was either being labeled as 'from zombieland' or being the only zombie in 'a candy coated dandy land'

So I'm thinking did we ever happen to come by a 'wake up and smell the coffee land?' I think I am still in transit. 

I'm told it is the quality of people you meet that can make you or break you. But really I don't blame anybody for being perpetually broken.

We all are just skip hopping among a world of virtual friends, physical friends, lovers and random strangers. Having said that I have to be bothered, because the skip hopping would soon turn to wandering around aimlessly which would further disintegrate into a step to and fro and then stop. Just like that.

So is social-ness a muscle that would in time wear itself out?

Only time would tell. 

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