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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some more Rushdie-ing around the bush

I think it’s the third time in a week that I’ve woken up to this feeling of being beaten up. Otherwise I’ve had fairly healthy anxiety levels throughout the week. Yes I thought I’d dissect myself on a week by week basis.
So a week of living on coffee and cheese puffs got the better out of me. And just as I began wondering where the hell my nutrition was at, I began wondering where in the world my head was at in the first place.

I curl up in my bed with Midnight’s Children. My third attempt at reading the same for over two years now. At this rate and at the rate of dramatization of recent events I thought it fair and something that had to be done. Rushdie is difficult in writing and in person, but that doesn’t really undermine his genius. Recent sensationalist attacks on the writer apart from elevating his popularity have fueled a much needed debate regarding freedom of speech and an artist’s unbecoming in a selective democracy.

The Satanic Verses is now a politico literary disaster with questionable traces of blasphemy (residue post the reaction) and hey 20 years is a long time to be blown out of proportion, isn’t it?

For once I don’t see him to be the literary snob that he was always cut out to be. For once amidst all that mess, I see a man violated of the one thing he thought he’d do best – write.

Having said that, I’d rather band aid myself with thought than have your ideology stapled to my head. 

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