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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Oscar WIlde theory...

Yes I have been in love with the guy ever since i picked up "The picture of Dorian Gray" or "portrait" is it? anyway I personally love the guy.His on the spot exceptionally renowned wit and sarcasm shook the world.Shook London..even better.And yet after all the glamor and fame and exquisiteness of his verse and quote and his life and his being..he died a lonely homosexual. Tragic and heart breaking for someone who had it all,the art of satire and the hearts of young men.I don't want to be like that writes Tarun Tejpal in the alchemy of desire.Living a life of exile and dying a lonely death.Well if it scares Tarun Tejpal then it scares us.It scares me and whenever i think of fame and satire and wit and charm I think of lonely homosexuals dying lonely deaths.Being sarcastic isn't a fad anymore and being a homosexual never was.But Oscar Wilde still has fans the world over nevertheless his tragic life has gotten him a tad bit more popularity.Oscar Wilde quotes are immortal and charming as ever.I use them sometimes and I'm sure they suit more than one occasion and more than a specific group of people.I really do not realize the purpose of this post and as senseless as it sounds i am not a homosexual.I just find it arcane when i think of Oscar Wilde and his life and the countless men he fucked.I am not against homosexuality either.Glamor and fame might have seen better endings and the art of satire is certainly not as sinful as it sounds.All i have is a stupid rhyme that goes as live a life of reckless fame and later maybe die of shame.And there is no one really left to blame.
Oscar Wilde quotes can be used on 1. angry parents
2.the frustrated lot of people
3. drunk people
4. friends you like
5. friends you don't like
6. people with bipolar disorders
7. a teacher about to grade your project.
Use at your own risk.

1 comment:

Dyuti Mishra said...

i'm the nuber 3 kind i supose....
but it always works like a charm for me!! especially when used on greater mortals like... u-know-who's....