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Monday, June 9, 2008

today (poetic expressions)

today i wait
for a rumor to take its toll
for love to grown sour
for my pages to fill soon
for a hideous monster to disappear

today i dream
of you, in all your wretchedness
of hearts that would bear a terrible burden
of rooms id never enter

today i sing
a song that tickles my tongue
a wish that makes it all end

today i decipher
your to-do lists
your post-it notes
these codes
and an obscure truth

today i drink
from a forgotten bottle of wine
a life i thought was mine

today i love
the candle light fire
the wind that strokes my hair
the night that grows cold
the room where i grow old

today i write
verbs that don't make sense
adjectives that spark fears
nouns that you don't hear

today i bear witness
to me..
my life..
my soul...
my selfishness..
my flawed heart..
everything i did..
have done..
will ever do..

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