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Monday, June 9, 2008

you've watched me all afternoon

you’ve watched me paint my nails,half black,half pink an orange line slashed diagonally over..graphic,weird,colourful
you’ve watched me fall in love and wake up the next day as if nothing’ve watched me sit on the edge,looking below,one step closer to falling...
you’ve watched me keep my devilish innocence in my purse like money wondering if they were the same
you’ve watched me cough out my pride and inhale insecurity
you’ve watched me all afternoon,,i’ve watched you too
ive watched you dig out the monsters i buried last night
i watched you bring them to life
a host,an have a lovely house draped in an ugly heart,,i wish id stay here all day
and id burn our memories in the kitchen sink...

the pores on your skin have grown deeper
the lines on your forehead thicker,,like maps and routes
do you think of me often??

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