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Sunday, April 18, 2010

But the tweets would continue nonetheless...

It kills me to watch Tharoor walk out of the great Indian political coterie. One last strand of intellectualism wantonly wiped out. Its back to the Mayawati's and Mulamyam Singh's and Narendra Modi's and AXECUSE MI how can we forget -  the Lalu Prasad Yadav's. The nature of this post does not however discuss whether or not Tharoor is guilty, infact considering the twists and loopholes in the system we will never know. Never know what each of them (Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor) had on their minds and up their sleeve. So we wish all well in the end.
Lalit Modi can kick back and relax for now and finally zap the deal on the much awaited Gujju team that he so dearly wished to include (pardon the racist ideology..its an anathema that befalls every individual inhabiting this country and I happen to be no different.) So Mr Modi (ermm Lalit ie) you better have your fun while you can. You better do, yeah cmon get kickin with your raunchy cheerleader companions before the IT sleuths come knocking at your door, and the media starts off with an expose' of your haunting criminal records.

All this squabble over nothing. Come on, we deserve better.

As for Tharoor, he ought not to be felt sorry for. An ex UN diplomat and a competent author, he definitely will come across more charming things in life. For now atleast he can tweet in peace without having to worry about another erupting scandal. 

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