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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Hypochondriac? The buck doesn't stop there.

Me? A Hypochondriac? Quite a baseless allegation.
Though I might have faked panic attacks before Math exams and confounded a few friends here and there with paranoia and a propensity toward self destruction, it was all in good time.

So then it happened.
At a fancy little place. Having some fancy food. It could have been the prawn, chicken or the curd based chutney. I never knew and will never know.

Damn these mosquitoes I said when I came back home.
Where ? asked the others obliviously.

And then there was this maddening heat. But it was only summer.
Two hours after having a very over the top meal, I was famished. Another clue.
So I dug deep into the fridge and bought out some milk. Protein shake at two in the morning. Whoever heard of that.

Woke up on a nauseatingly bright Sunday morning. All good in time except that my hands were swollen and my bulbous fingers stuck out the over ripe palm of my hand.
I itched like an addict denied of the very stash s/he yearned for.
After cooling down under the shower I developed a migraine yet again this couldn't be a post LASIK after effect because it had already been a month since I had gotten it done.

The diagnosis read Cholinergic utricaria : An autoimmune allergic condition (basically a hypersensitive reaction to the body heat) that is supplemented with a host of other unrelated rather stange symptoms ranging from mood swings, depression, migraines etc etc all of which I wasn't a stranger to.

Fancy name huh?

Apart from medication what would help me get better?
Consistent exercise they say.

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