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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm thinking..

I am thinking what it is like for youngsters like ourselves to grow up in a confusing and distorted culture of thought and paranoia where the choice to believe or not to is constantly being threatened by the likes of popular culture on one hand and enduring toxic tradition on the other.

I am thinking to what point could our judgements regarding sexuality, freedom, morality, pathos and life be stretched until broken or scarred.

I am thinking at what precise point did the killer think it was alright to shoot and kill.

I am saying this because everyday we are faced with a choice - of seeing a man die, a child beg and a woman fall. Of going to work and not caring, of turning on the telly that displays a plethora of  accidents, affairs, scandals, calamities and realizing that these people on those screens are just like you, and just like you they believe that a good breakfast could start off the day with great enthusiasm and so would a good night's sleep. You could smile at the waiter and not know he doesn't have a home to go to and you could smile at the foxy secretary not knowing that she gets beat up by her man.

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