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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Woman's work..

Writing Tharoor off came easy and yet we hardly seem to bring to consequence the work of this woman, who leaves behind a crunchingly distasteful legacy of darkness and stone. Estimates of what she might have spent on her beloved statues add up to a whopping 80 crore (including expenses for security and maintenance)
 But the irony of the fact is she hasn't generated enough funds to initiate the Right to Education Act. Yet after being mauled by some bitter criticism she veiled her reluctance to do so by holding the Centre responsible for the implementation of the act.
But apart from everything else one prime clincher that takes us a step further in adjudging her failure as a leader is the absolute lack of compassion. Her refusal to provide for any sort of compensation to the debilitated families of the CRPF jawans who were the unfortunate victims of the Dantewada massacre, while she adorned herself with a multi crore garland  (and diamonds sometime back) is nothing short of appalling.
The goodwill ensconcing the heart of a politician (a leader nonetheless ) has a few obligations if nothing else.

So while we analyze the demise of Tharoor's political career and his foot in the mouth social blunders or Chidambaran's adamant ego that broke down as he tearfully tendered his resignation after owning up to the Dantewada tragedy spare a thought to India's very own army of inglorious politicians who bask loud and clear in the country's backyard and keep getting elected over and over for the years to come, refuting the very possibility of change that there is - that there has to be.
I stop right here, saving us the suspended consequence of our inaction and ignorance amidst a cloud of blatant hypocrisy that persists.


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